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About Sugaring

Sugaring (also known as 'Persian waxing') is a method of hair removal that has been in use for thousands of years.

The process is similar to waxing, though there are a few differences in the two. Sugaring is supposed to be less painful because it only sticks to the hair (wax will also attach to the skin).

Sugar works in the direction of the hair growth. This reduces irritation, discomfort and reduces or eliminates hair breakage. No more broken hair results in the elimination of ingrown hairs (bumps) and early growth between treatments with superior results.

Since it is made out of natural ingredients, it is supposed to be less harmful than wax, as well; however, "natural" does not necessarily mean "safe". Though the process and the materials usually leaves a sticky mess, sugar is soluble in water and therefore sugaring involves a relatively easy cleanup with warm water.

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