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Benefits for You

Do you shave, sugaring provides smooth skin for up to 4/5 weeks. No more shaving in the morning, few extra minutes in bed!

If you wax, no more broken hairs, a major cause of unsightly infected ingrown hairs.

After a few treatments hair re-growth slows and thins for longer lasting smoothness.

Exfoliates dry skin cells. Skin tone and texture can be dramatically improved.

No more burning of your skin that can occur with waxing.

No more bruising.

The ability to go over an area several times to extract even the most stubborn hair.

Treat delicate, intricate areas, such as the eyes, upper lip and mature skin.

Medical Benefits

Safe for varicose veins, spider veins and diabetics.

Safe and very good for dry itch eczema.

Still not sure if Sugaring is for you - see  what some of our clients think.

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